Name Year Citation In the ACM DL
Baird, George N. 1974 For his successful development and implementation of the Navy's COBOL Compiler Validation System. ACM DL Author Profile
Breed, Lawrence 1973 For their work in the design and implementation of APL/360, setting new standards in simplicity, efficiency, reliability and response time for interactive systems. ACM DL Author Profile
Bricklin, Daniel S 1981 For his contributions to personal computing and, in particular, to the design of VisCalc. Brickin's efforts in the development of the "Visual Calculator" provide "the excellence and elegance that ACM seeks to sustain through such activities as the Awards program. ACM DL Author Profile
Casado, Martin 2012 For his work creating the movement of Software Defined Networking (SDN), a new paradigm in the research and practice of computer networking that provides a software alternative to hardware-based network components. ACM DL Author Profile
Cress, Paul H. 1972 For the creation of WATFOR Compiler, the first member of a powerful new family of diagnostic and educational programming tools. ACM DL Author Profile
Dirksen, Paul E. 1972 For the creation of WATFOR Compiler, the first member of a powerful new family of diagnostic and educational programming tools. ACM DL Author Profile
Engler, Dawson 2008 For his ground-breaking work on automated program checking and bug-finding. ACM DL Author Profile
Felzenszwalb, Pedro F 2013 For technical contributions to the problem of object detection in images which have had very high impact in the fields of computer vision and machine learning. ACM DL Author Profile
Gentry, Craig 2010 For his breakthrough construction of a fully homomorphic encryption scheme, enabling arbitrary computations to be performed on encrypted data without the data being decrypted. ACM DL Author Profile
Goldwasser, Shafi 1996 For her early work relating computation, randomness, knowledge committee and proofs, which has shaped the foundations of probabilistic computation theory, computational number theory, and cryptography. This work is a continuing influence in design and certification of secure communications protocols, with practical applications to development of secure networks and computer systems. ACM DL Author Profile
Green, Cordell 1985 For establishing several key aspects of the theoretical basis for logic programming and providing a resolution theorem prover to carry out a programming task by constructing the result which the computer program is to compute. For proving the constructive technique correct and for presenting an effective method for constructing the answer; these contributions providing an early theoretical basis for Prolog and logic programming. ACM DL Author Profile
Hillis, William Daniel 1989 For his basic research on data parallel algorithms and for the conception, design, implementation and commercialization of the Connection Machine. ACM DL Author Profile
Hsu, Feng-hsiung 1991 For contributions in architecture and algorithms for chess machines. His work led to the creation of the Deep Thought Chess Machine, which led to the first chess playing computer to defeat Grandmasters in tournament play and the first to achieve a certified Grandmaster level rating. ACM DL Author Profile
Hwu, Wen-Mei 1999 For the design and implementation of the IMPACT compiler infrastructure which has been used extensively both by the microprocessor industry as a baseline for product development and by academia as a basis for advanced research and development in computer architecture and compiler design. ACM DL Author Profile
Ingalls, Daniel H.H. 1984 For his work at the Xerox Palo Alto Research Center, where he was a major force, both technical and inspirational, in the development of the SMALLTALK language and its graphics facilities. He is the design of the BITBLT primitive that is now widely used for generating images on raster-scan displays. The combination of a good idea, a good design, and very effective and careful implementation has led to BITBLT's wide acceptance in the computing community. Mr. Ingalls' research has also directly and dramatically affected the computing industry's view of what people should have in the way of accessible computing.
Joy, William N. 1986 For his work on the Berkeley UNIX Operating System as a designer, integrator, and implementor of many of its advanced features including Virtual Memory, the C-shell, the vi Screen editor, and Networking. ACM DL Author Profile
Katabi, Dina 2012 For her seminal contributions to the theory and practice of network congestion control and bandwidth allocation. ACM DL Author Profile
Kavraki, Lydia 2000 For her seminal work on the probabilistic roadmap approach which has caused a paradigm shift in the area of path planning, and has many applications in robotics, manufacturing, nanotechnology and computational biology. ACM DL Author Profile
Keckler, Stephen 2003 For ground-breaking analysis of technology scaling for high-performance processors that sheds new light on the methods required to maintain performance improvement trends in computer architecture, and on the design implications for future high-performance processors and systems. ACM DL Author Profile
Klein, Daniel 2006 For the design of a system capable of learning a high-quality grammar for English directly from text. ACM DL Author Profile
Knuth, Donald E 1971 For the publication in 1968 (at age 30) of Volume I of his monumental treatise "The Art of Computer Programming. ACM DL Author Profile
Kurzweil, Ray 1978 For his development of a unique reading machine for the blind, a computer-based device that reads printed pages aloud. The Kurzweil machine is an 80-pound device that shoots a beam of light across each printed page, converts the reflected light across each printed page, converts the reflected light into digital data that is analyzed by its built-in computer, and then transformed into synthetic speech. It is expected to make reading of all printed material possible for blind people, whose reading was previously limited to material translated into Braille. The machine would not have been possible without another achievement by Kurzweil, that is, a set of rules embodied in the mini-computer program by which printed characters of a wide variety of sizes and shapes are reliably and automatically recognized. ACM DL Author Profile
Lathwell, Richard 1973 For their work in the design and implementation of APL/360, setting new standards in simplicity, efficiency, reliability and response time for interactive systems. ACM DL Author Profile
Metcalfe, Robert M. 1980 For his work in the development of local networks, specifically the Ethernet. ACM DL Author Profile
Moore, Roger 1973 For their work in the design and implementation of APL/360, setting new standards in simplicity, efficiency, reliability and response time for interactive systems. ACM DL Author Profile
Necula, George 2001 For his seminal work on the concept and implementation of Proof Carrying Code, which has had a great impact on the field of programming languages and compilers and has given a new direction to applications of theorem proving to program correctness, such as safety of mobile code and component-based software. ACM DL Author Profile
Ousterhout, John K 1987 For his contribution to very large scale integrated circuit computer aided design. His systems, Caesar and Magic, have demonstrated that effective CAD systems need not be expensive, hard to learn, or slow. ACM DL Author Profile
Paxson, Vern 2007 For his work in measuring and characterizing the Internet. ACM DL Author Profile
Reid, Brian K. 1982 For his contributions in the area of computerized text-production and typesetting systems, specifically Scribe which represents a major advance in this area. It embodies several innovations based on computer science research in programming language design, knowledge-based systems, computer document processing, and typography. The impact of Scribe has been substantial due to the excellent documentation and Reid's efforts to spread the system. ACM DL Author Profile
Reingold, Omer 2005 For his work in finding a deterministic logarithmic-space algorithm for ST-connectivity in undirected graphs. ACM DL Author Profile
Rexford, Jennifer 2004 For models, algorithms, and deployed systems that assure stable and efficient Internet routing without global coordination. ACM DL Author Profile
Roughgarden, Tim 2009 For his research combining computer science and game theory to analyze network routing among self-interested parties. ACM DL Author Profile
Scherr, Allan L. 1975 For his pioneering study in quantitative computer performance analysis. ACM DL Author Profile
Shortliffe, Edward H 1976 For his pioneering research which is embodied in the MYCIN program. MYCIN is a program which consults with physicians about the diagnosis and treatment of infections. In creating MYCIN, Shortliffe employed his background of medicine, together with his research in knowledge-based systems design, to produce an integrated package which is easy for expert physicians to use and extend. Shortliffe's work formed the basis for a research program supported by NIH, and has been widely studied and drawn upon by others in the field of knowledge-based systems. ACM DL Author Profile
Srikant, Ramakrishnan 2002 For his seminal work on mining association rules, which has led to association rules becoming a key data mining tool as well as part of the core syllabus in database and data mining courses. ACM DL Author Profile
Stallman, Richard 1990 For pioneering work in the development of the extensible editor EMACS (Editing Macros). ACM DL Author Profile
Steele, Guy L 1988 For his general contributions to the development of Higher Order Symbolic Programming, principally for his advancement of lexical scoping in LISP. ACM DL Author Profile
Stroustrup, Bjarne 1993 For his early work laying the foundations for the C++ programming language. Based on the foundations and Dr. Stroustrup's continuing efforts, C++ has become one of the most influential programming languages in the history of computing. ACM DL Author Profile
Von Ahn, Luis 2011 For his research in harnessing the human side of human-computer interaction for computational goals. ACM DL Author Profile
Wozniak, Stephen 1979 For his many contributions to the rapidly growing field of personal computing and, in particular, to the hardware and software for the Apple Computer. ACM DL Author Profile