Digital Threats: Research and Practice (DTRAP)


Digital Threats: Research and Practice (DTRAP) is a peer-reviewed journal that targets the prevention, identification, mitigation, and elimination of digital threats.  DTRAP promotes the foundational development of scientific rigor in digital security by bridging the gap between academic research and industry practice.  Accordingly, the journal welcomes the submission of scientifically rigorous manuscripts that address extant digital threats, rather than laboratory models of potential threats.  To be accepted for publication, manuscripts must demonstrate scientific rigor and present results that are reproducible." 

DTRAP invites researchers and practitioners to submit manuscripts that present scientific observations about the identification, prevention, mitigation, and elimination of digital threats in all areas, including computer hardware, software, networks, robots, industrial automation, firmware, digital devices, etc.  For articles involving analysis, the journal requires the use of relevant data and the demonstration of the importance of the results.  For articles involving the results of structured observation such as experimentation and case studies, the journal requires explicit inclusion of rigorous practices; for example, experiments should clearly describe why internal validity, external validity, containment, and transparency hold for the experiment described. Read more.

Click here for Author Guidelines and the DTRAP manuscript submission site.

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