Muhammad al-Khowarizmi, from a 1983 USSR commemorative stamp scanned by Donald Knuth

ACM Transactions on Algorithms

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ACM Transactions on Algorithms publishes original research of the highest quality dealing with algorithms. It is a peer-reviewed journal, appearing quarterly.

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  • New submission policy on P vs. NP (October 2013): No author may submit more than one paper to J. ACM, ACM Trans. on Algorithms, ACM Trans. on Computation Theory, or SIAM J. on Computing in any 24 month period, purporting to resolve the P versus NP question or related long-standing questions in complexity theory, except by invitation of the Editor-in-Chief. This applies to resubmissions of previously rejected manuscripts.
  • Author rights (April 2013): New options for ACM authors to manage rights and permissions for their work: ACM introduces a new publishing license agreement, an updated copyright transfer agreement, and a new author-pays option which allows for perpetual open access through the ACM Digital Library. For more information, visit the ACM Author Rights webpage.


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