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Closed Special Issues Submission Deadline CFP Publication
Intelligent Multimedia Systems and Technology (I)February 25,2010PDF Word Vol.2, No.2
AI in Social Computing and Cultural ModelingMarch 1, 2010HTML Vol.1, No.1
Vol.3, No.1
Intelligent Systems for Activity RecognitionMarch 29, 2010PDF Word Vol.2, No.1
Applications of Automated PlanningMarch 30, 2010PDF Word Vol.1, No.2
Machine Learning for Business ApplicationsApril 1, 2010PDF Vol.2, No.3
Intelligent Systems for Space Applications (I): Automated Planning & SchedulingMay 1, 2010PDF Word Vol.3, No.3
Intelligent Multimedia Systems and Technology (II)May 9, 2010 (April 25)PDF Word Vol.3, No.3
Computational SustainabilityMay 15, 2010PDF Word Vol.2, No.4
Domain Adaptation in Natural Language ProcessingJune 15, 2010 (June 1)PDF Word
Intelligent Visual Interfaces for Text AnalysisJuly 20, 2010 (June 30)PDF Word Vol.3, No.2
Intelligent Systems for Space Applications (II): Automated Data AnalysisAugust 1, 2010PDF Word
Social Recommender SystemsAugust 15, 2010 (July 16)PDF Word Vol.3, No.1
Vol.4, No.1
Agent CommunicationAugust 15, 2010 (July 25)PDF Word Vol.4, No.2
Computational Models of Collective Intelligence in the Social WebAugust 30, 2010PDF Word Vol.3, No.4
Trust in Multiagent SystemsAugust 31, 2010 (July 15)PDF Word Vol.4, No.2
Intelligent Tutoring and Coaching SystemsOctober 1, 2010PDF Word Vol.4, No.2
Distance Metric Learning in Intelligent SystemsNovember 30, 2010 (October 15)PDF Word Vol.3, No.3
Challenge on Context-Aware Movie RecommendationDecember 13, 2010PDF Vol.4, No.1
Search and Mining User Generated ContentsDecember 15, 2010 (October 1)PDF Vol.3, No.4
Brain-Inspired Cognitive AgentsDecember 31, 2010PDF Word
ParaphrasingMarch 11, 2011 (Feb. 25)PDF Word Vol.4, No.3
Intelligent Systems for Socially Aware ComputingJuly 15, 2011 (June 30)PDF Word Vol.4, No.3
Semantic Adaptive Social WebOctober 14, 2011 (September 30)PDF HTML Vol.4, No.4
Intelligent Mobile Knowledge Discovery and Management SystemsDecember 1, 2011PDF Word Vol.5, No.1
Intelligent Systems for Health InformaticsDecember 30, 2011 (November 30)PDF HTML Vol.4, No.4
Social Web MiningFebruary 28, 2012 (February 1)PDF Word Vol.5, No.1
Diversity and Discovery in Recommender Systems and Exploratory SearchSeptember 20, 2012 (July 19)PDF Vol.5, No.4
Urban ComputingOctober 18, 2012 (October 7)PDF HTML Vol.5, No.3
Linking Social Granularity and FunctionsOctober 31, 2012 (October 14)PDF HTML Vol.5, No.2
Online AdvertisingDecember 1, 2012PDF HTML Vol.5, No.4
Visual Understanding with RGB-D SensorsJune 30, 2013PDF HTMLVol.6, No.2
Intelligent Healthcare InformaticsNovember 20, 2013 (October 20)PDF HTML
Participatory Sensing and Crowd IntelligenceJanuary 15, 2014 (December 31, 2013)PDF HTMLVol.6, No.3
Recommender System BenchmarkingJanuary 20, 2014 (December 15, 2013)PDF HTML
Causal Discovery and InferenceMarch 28, 2014 (March 14)PDF HTML
Mobile Social Multimedia Analytics in the Big Data EraJune 15, 2015HTML

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