Important Announcement - August 2, 2013

IEEE and ACM are pleased to announce that the IEEE Transactions on Audio, Speech, and Language Processing and the ACM Transactions on Speech and Language Processing will be published jointly as the IEEE/ACM Transactions on Audio, Speech, and Language Processing, starting January 2014. Papers from the new Transactions will appear in both IEEE Xplore and the ACM Digital Library. Publication will be managed by IEEE as a hybrid journal, allowing either traditional or open access manuscript submission. The new journal welcomes novel contributions in all areas covered by the two journals, which includes audio, speech, and language processing and the sciences that support them.

For more information on paper submission, see IEEE TASLP.
For new submissions, go to Manuscript Central SPS-IEEE.

Charter and Scope

ACM Transactions on Speech and Language Processing focuses on practical areas of the design, development, and evaluation of speech- and text-processing systems along with their associated theory. It publishes application-oriented research, survey papers, and descriptions of novel applications. TSLP reviewers place emphasis on the originality and the applicability of submissions.
Example topics within TSLP's scope include:

  • Natural language understanding, generation, and parsing
  • Dialog management
  • Machine translation
  • Document summarization
  • Question answering
  • Detection and tracking of entities, relationships, topics, and novelty
  • Language modeling for machine translation and speech recognition
  • Speech prosody
  • Audio indexing
  • Spoken document retrieval
  • Machine learning and pattern analysis applied to the above

TSLP is an electronic quarterly journal with an annual printed volume for library archival. TSLP editors will try to return reviews for a submission in each review cycle within three months of receipt of the submission. It is expected that the average turnaround time will be even shorter.

Papers will appear online, without page numbers, immediately upon acceptance ahead of quarterly publication dates. They will become part of the ACM Digital Library after the publication date of the issue in which they appear.

New options for ACM authors to manage rights and permissions  for their work: ACM introduces a new publishing license agreement, an updated copyright transfer agreement, and a new author-pays option which allows for perpetual open access through the ACM Digital Library.

For more information, visit the ACM Author Rights webpage at    ACM Author
                  Rights webpage

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