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Submitting Articles to ACM Journals 

All ACM Journals and Transactions are electronically produced, so it is imperative that all manuscripts prepared for publication in any of ACM publications be prepared in electronic formats. Articles published in ACM Journals/Transactions are prepared for both print and digital display in the ACM Digital Library. The instructions contained herein are meant to make the process of manuscript preparation as straightforward as possible.

If you are going to prepare your manuscript in LaTeX, please go to the following directory for further instructions:

If you prefer to prepare your manuscript in MS Word, please go to the following directory:

Some of the journals/transactions have specific production requirements. If you are interested in submitting to the following journal/transactions:

  1. Transactions on Graphics (TOG) -
  2. Transactions on Asian Language Processing (TALIP) -

you may want to check that individual transactions' home page for specific information pertaining to the requirements of that transactions.