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Communications of the ACM Blogs

The Communications site publishes two types of blogs:

BLOG@CACM where expert bloggers discuss relevant computing topics and encourage comments about their posts.
Blogroll blogs reflect the geographic and intellectual scope of the computing world. Blog entries and related discussions are off-site.
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acmqueue Blogs

acmqueue's highly popular Blog Roll offers an aggregation of blogs written by acmqueue authors on a wide range of topics. Read posts



eLearn Magazine

eLearn Magazine is where eLearning professionals turn to produce more innovative and effective online education and training. We strive to be the leading source of high-quality information on technology for corporate training and higher education. Read posts



ACM U.S. Tech Policy Blog

The ACM Policy Office blog covers a wide range of issues to inform the computing community and the public about technology policy. Read posts



ACM Inroads Magazine Blog

ACM Inroads magazine serves professionals interested in advancing computing education on a global scale. The goal of the publication is to generate new ‘inroads’ in the theory and practice of computing education and to share those discoveries by fostering dialogue, cooperation, and collaboration with educators worldwide. Read posts



XRDS: Crossroads, The ACM Magazine for Students

XRDS is the ACM's magazine for students. It is published quarterly, both in print and online for ACM student members. The publication was previously named Crossroads and has been running since 1994, edited and maintained voluntarily by students. Read posts



Ubiquity Information Everywhere

Ubiquity is a peer-reviewed, online publication of ACM dedicated to the future of computing and the people who are creating it. Read posts



ACM-W Council on Women in Computing News Blog

The ACM-W Council's blog celebrates, informs and supports women in computing in an effort to improve their working and learning environments. Read posts



The CSTA Advocate

The CSTA Advocate is the Official Blog of the Computer Science Teacher's Association posts news, commentary, pointers to resources, and discussions about K - 12 computer science education. Read posts



The Risks Digest Forum

The Risks Digest Forum on Risks to the Public in Computers and Related Systems is sponsored by the ACM Committee on Computers and Public Policy, and moderated by Peter G. Neumann. Read posts



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