ACM Regional Councils: Outreach on a Global Scale

ACM's Regional Councils provide grassroots support on a global scale. Based in Europe, India, and China, they raise awareness, visibility and relevance of ACM by sponsoring high-quality conferences, expanding chapters, and encouraging greater participation in all dimensions of the society.

ACM Europe
The ACM Europe Council aims to increase the level and visibility of ACM activities across Europe. The Council comprises European computer scientists committed to fostering the visibility and relevance of ACM in Europe, and is focused on a wide range of European ACM activities, including organizing and hosting high-quality ACM conferences, expanding ACM chapters, improving computer science education, and encouraging greater participation of Europeans in all dimensions of ACM.

The mission of ACM-W Europe is to support, celebrate, and advocate internationally for the full engagement of women in all aspects of the computing field, as well as advancing the contributions of technical women. It aims to promote the image of computing among women; raise awareness of the importance of women participating in the computing profession; promote awareness of career options; promote new ways of facing the challenges of the next generation of women in computing; establish partnerships with similar existing organizations in Europe; increase participation of women in senior level positions of ACM and its conferences; provide a platform for sharing resources, ideas and experiences; and work with the European Commission and other organizations on programs related to women in computing.

EUACM is a committee of ACM Europe (modeled on USACM) focused on building privileged two-way relations with the European Commission, member states' governmental bodies, and informatics and computer science communities on technology public policy issues.

ACM India
The ACM India Council is aimed at increasing the level and visibility of ACM activities across India. It serves as a professional network for members involved with the science and technology of computing; encourages students to take an active interest in the emerging and exciting world of computing; facilitates the organization of high-quality ACM conferences in India; provides logistical support to grow more ACM professional and student chapters; and increases the participation of ACM members in India across all dimensions of ACM.

ACM-W India
ACM-W India seeks to take forward the task of the ACM community, but with a particular focus on the empowerment of women in computing in India. ACM-W India aims to provide social and professional support for women in computing, and its proposed activities include facilitating technical growth of women by organizing invited lectures, seminars, workshops and informal meetings; providing a platform for the sharing of information, resources, ideas and experiences; supporting women in their professional career growth and helping them to face the challenges in their work environment; and encouraging them to participate in computer-related studies and research. ACM-W India's goal is to also promote computer literacy, particularly in rural India, with the objective of empowering underprivileged women and children, to enable them to be independent and self-reliant.

Research Board
ACM India Research Board (AIRB) is a community of academics, researchers, and others who care deeply about enhancing the quality and the quantity of computing research done in India, particularly in academic institutions. The following activities have already been initiated: ACM India Doctoral Dissertation Award; PhD Production Survey; Conference Travel Grant Scheme; and ACM-India MSR Faculty Summit 2013.

ACM India also has its own Eminent Speaker Program of qualified lecturers, and hosts a growing number of conferences each year.

ACM China
The ACM China Council comprises a cross-section of the computer science and information technology community committed to increasing the visibility and relevance of ACM in China. The council is focused on a wide range of ACM activities: creating channels to bring more high-quality ACM activities to China; expanding ACM chapters; enhancing access to the ACM Digital Library and publications for ACM members in China; and increasing the participation of ACM members in China across all dimensions of ACM. The Council also gives several awards to recognize excellence in research and leadership.

Education Council
The ACM China Education Council serves as the interface between Chinese computer education and ACM, and promote ACM among Universities in China. The Council encourages Chinese computer educators to communicate with ACM educators and to participate in ACM and IEEE curricula development and research task forces.