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Welcome to the ACM Chapters FAQ. We hope you find answers to your questions below. If you would like to suggest a new entry for the FAQ, please email local activities.

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What is a chapter web account?

A chapter web account is your chapter's unique login information to access your Chapter Administrative Interface: it consists of a username and password, and uniquely identifies your chapter when trying to access protected parts of the ACM web site.

The Chapter web account is intended for the use of your Chapter officers only -- please do not share your chapter account information with anyone outside of the Chapter officers. The Chapter web account is entirely separate from a personal MyACM account and the log-in credentials do not overlap.

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Why does a chapter need a web account?

Your Chapter web account allows you to access the Chapter Administrative Interface, where you can update your chapter's profile, add new officers, manage your membership list, complete annual reports, and submit events to the ACM Local Activities Calendar.

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How does my chapter get a web account?

Newly chartered chapters will be invited to create a chapter web account via email once their charter is official. If your chapter is already chartered, but has not been invited to create a chapter web account or have trouble accessing an existing account, please follow this link for assistance: If you have further questions, please contact local_activities

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Why doesn't my chapter login work?

If you have trouble logging into your chapter's web account, please check the following:

  • Please ensure you are using the username and password for the chapter web account.
  • Please try clearing your browser cache, quitting your browser, then launching the login page again.
  • Please ensure the URL you are using has not been accidentally truncated.

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How can I change my chapter web account username, password, or security question?

To manage your chapter web account, visit

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Where do I log in to the Chapter Administrative Interface?

Bookmark this page and log in to the Chapter Administrative Interface from here, or bookmark the Chapters home page and follow the "Chapter Administative Interface" link from there.

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What can I do by logging in to my chapter's administrative interface?

ACM offers its chapters an Administrative Interface, allowing you to:

  • Manage your chapter's member roster
  • Add new officers after an election
  • Update your chapter's address and contact information
  • Submit events for inclusion in the new ACM Local Activities Calendar
  • Complete your chapter's annual report as required by ACM bylaws

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How can I add events to the Local Activities Calendar?

You may add events directly through your Chapter Administrative interface. These will be posted to the ACM Local Activities Calendar. Entering events to the calendar through your chapter interface will automatically add these events to your Annual Report.

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What is an annual report?

ACM's fiscal year begins on July 1st and closes on June 30th. Every chapter is required to file an annual report each fiscal year without exception. The annual report covers chapter financial information, chapter activities, and the IRS 990 Form.

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How does my chapter complete an annual report?

To complete an annual report, log in with your chapter web account username and password and select "Annual Reports".

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Why can't my chapter access an annual report?

A chapter must have at least one current officer listed in their Chapter Officers section before an annual report can be completed.

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How can I add my current chapter officers?

To add your chapter's current officers, log in with your chapter web account and select Chapter Officers-Add.

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What sections of the annual report are mandatory?

All sections of the Annual Report must be completed before the report can be finalized and submitted. ACM requires all chapters enter at least one future activity for the upcoming fical year, so we can be assured all chapter remain active and viable.

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I have completed my annual report, but am still unable to submit it.

Please go back and check each section. Missing information will appear at the top of the invididual section, in RED. Each page must be saved before moving on. If you feel you have completed the report and are still unable to submit it, please contact local_activities

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SIGCSE 2016, Mar. 2–5, Memphis, Tennessee

The SIGCSE Technical Symposium addresses problems common among educators working to develop, implement and/or evaluate computing programs, curricula, and courses. Scheduled keynote speakers are John Sweller, Professor Emeritus at the University of New South Wales, and Karen Lee Ashcraft, an educational psychologist at the University of Colorado Boulder.


Lifelong Learning

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CSCW 2016, Feb. 27–Mar. 2, San Francisco, California

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