International Conference Proceedings Series

ICPS is instituting modest charges for volumes accepted  for publication starting in 2015, see: ICPS Flyer

ACM is pleased to announce a new concept in Conference Proceedings publishing. The goal of this program is to enable conferences and workshops to cost effectively produce print proceedings for their attendees, while also providing maximum dissemination of the material through electronic channels, specifically, the ACM Digital Library. The complete list of published ICPS volumes is available in the ACM Digital Library.

The ACM International Conference Proceedings Series scope of coverage is available here

Here is an outline of how the program works:

  1. Conference Organizers must fill in and submit the form using the link provided here. The ACM International Conference Proceeding Series (ICPS) Editor-in-Chief, Ron Perrott, and the ICPS Editorial Board will review proposals from conference organizers to determine whether the conference proceedings are suitable for publication by ACM. The ICPS Board will work with ACM Staff to solicit support of appropriate ACM Special Interest Groups (SIGs) should overlap of interests occur.

    NOTE: Do not simultaneously apply for ICPS publishing and sponsorship, co-sponsorship, or in-cooperation status with ACM or an ACM SIG. ACM will immediately terminate applications that do. Conference leaders wishing to secure cooperating status with an ACM SIG, should first apply for cooperation. Following approval, conference leaders may submit a request for ACM publishing services through the ICPS program.

    All events with SIG In-Cooperation status are expected to pay the ICPS fee as described HERE. The cooperating SIG WILL NOT pay the fee on your behalf.

  2. The proceedings volume will be copyrighted as a whole and published by ACM; authors will choose among the different rights options ACM offers for their individual papers; and the volume will be identified as being part of the International Conference Proceedings Series published by ACM, lending ACM's imprimatur to this publication.  Under such auspices, ACM permits usage of the ACM logo indicating that ACM is the publisher and the materials will be presented under the ICPS banner. In no way are you to indicate that ACM is a Sponsor of the event. Download ACM's approved logo for use on websites and printed materials here.
    *Note: Use of the ACM-ICPS name and logo prior to acceptance of the volume into the program is not allowed and is grounds for rejection.
  3. ACM does not intend to carry any inventory or to sell hard copies; rather
  4. ACM will put the full-text of the proceedings papers into the ACM Digital Library, under the heading of the "ACM International Conference Proceedings". There are over 34,000 individual subscribers to the DL, and over 2,800 library subscriptions. This guarantees that the proceedings will be available to the widest possible audience of computing professionals. 
    • Proceedings volumes published in the ICPS series cannot be published outside of the ACM Digital Library
    • ACM reserves the right to exclude volumes that only submit short abstract articles; ICPS volumes should add substantive work to the Digital Library, rather than abstracts of papers intended for full publication elsewhere.
    • While papers may be submitted in the author's native language, ACM requires titles and abstracts be submitted in English; author(s) (including affiliations) submitted using the Roman Alphabet as opposed to Cyrillic, Chinese, or Arabic.
  5. The relevant rights expressed in the ACM Rights and Responsibilities Policy would apply to the proceedings, such as
    • availability at low cost, taking into account the needs of readers in economically emerging countries and in economically undeveloped countries
    • enabling fast access to the electronic version of each article, throughout the world permitting low cost purchasing of individual copies of articles
    • Authors who wish to retain all rights to their work can choose ACM’s author-pays option, which allows for perpetual open access through the ACM Digital Library. Authors choosing the author-pays option can give ACM non-exclusive permission to publish, sign ACM’s exclusive licensing agreement or sign ACM’s traditional copyright transfer agreement.(see:

    • allow an authors' version of their own ACM-copyrighted work on their personal server or on servers belonging to their employers. For all author rights see:

    • allowing metadata information, e.g., bibliographic, abstract, and keywords, for their individual work to be openly available
    • allowing authors the right to reuse their figures in their own subsequent publications for which they have granted ACM copyright,
    • respecting fair use provisions of US copyright law, and
    • allowing libraries to fill interlibrary loan requests, for teaching, research, and other not-for-profit uses.
  6. Click here for instructions on generating materials for inclusion in the ACM International Conference Proceeding Series.

To propose a volume for the ACM International Conference Proceedings Series, please complete the form using our online application system:

(The application review process will commence shortly after receipt. You can expect a response to your application within four (4) weeks time.)

Please contact Craig Rodkin, ACM Publications Operations Manager if you experience any problems using the online application system

Last updated November 4, 2015

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